It is essential as a woman to take the time on a regular basis to focus and listen to your womb.

By letting the outside influences fall away you are able to hear precious whispers.

Your womb space holds keys and wisdom to foster your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The way of the womb is intuitive.

The Womb Journey sessions will help you to  access and trust your intuition.

It uses grounding meditation techniques, movement, breathing and self awareness techniques, medicine drum journey, journaling/creative time to draw on your intuitive flow.

Here are the dates for 2022:


Friday 28th of January (1-2.45pm)

Friday 4th of March (1-2.45pm)

Friday 1st of April (1-2.45pm)

Friday 3rd of June (1-2.45pm)

Friday 29th of July 9 (1-2.45pm)

Friday 26th of August (1-2.45pm)

Friday 21st of October (1-2.45pm)

Friday 25th November (1-2.45pm)