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Welcome to Womb Connect with Emilie Alciato

I believe that when you’re connected to your womb wisdom (innate wisdom), you can be free, creative and joyful.

‘Womb wisdom’ is the guidance and intelligence that comes when you’re connected to yourself in the present moment. I refer to it as “the whispers of spirit”. These whispers hold the keys of your well-being. I help you to drop stress and worries so as you can easily recognize, amplify and trust the wise messages.



How I Can Help You

I provide education, workshops and services that reconnect you to your innate feminine power and wisdom.

Do you hear the call of the sacred?
Are you about to embark upon a birthing journey?
Have you crossed the motherhood threshold and feel lost, isolated, misunderstood, stuck?
Do you need emotional support?

I am here to help!

We can work together to help you move and shift what no longer serve
and let blossom the woman or the mother you dream to be.

First step: Meet me and have a chat to see if we are good match
Book in your free 20 minutes session!

Other steps you can take:
Enjoy the 7 keys for birth for free
Come to the Womb Dreaming circle
Enroll to the  Women and the Moon ecourse
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I believe that women need to awaken to their womb wisdom. Pregnancy and birth are majors peak events in women’s life and can offer potent opportunities for deep transformation, healing and positive imprint for herself, her babies and her family.

  • Do you need to acknowledge your soul journey during pregnancy, birth and integration of the story?
  • Do you feel that parts of you are not being heard or met with the current medical system?
  • I am here to help raise awareness and honour the sacredness of birth and motherhood.

A Chukchee proverb declares: "Woman is by nature a shaman".

By essence as women, we are fertile, sexual, hormonal, cyclical beings. With this physiology, we have both the natural ability and monthly opportunities to transform ourselves, our family and our communities.

  • Remember the heart of who you are as a woman.
  • Remember the wisdom of the cycles.
  • Ground yourself with simple rituals.
  • Transform yourself with awareness and flow.

Soul care addresses what truly matters to your heart. During a time of deep change or challenge, you are presented with an opportunity to draw from your soul and spirit. Ceremonies are a way to honour and engage with that process.

  • Create a personalized and soulful ceremony.
  • Honor a threshold when your life can’t return to what it was before the event.
  • Celebrate women rites of passage.

Are you hearing the call to:

  • Experience a shamanic womb journey?
  • Benefit from the sound of the shamanic drumming?
  • Make your own medicine drum?

The ancient call of the medicine drum can be a very personal experience.

For some of us it relaxes us, connects us with the earth, it reminds us of the time in our mother’s womb, being soothed by her heartbeat for 9 months.

For others, it’s a reclaiming of the ancient feminine. Layne Redmond shared that women were once the predominant players of drums and were once honoured and valued as leaders for childbirth, rites of passage, and other ceremonies.



I am Emilie. I am a mother, birthkeeper, early childhood educator, transpersonal art therapist, shamanic craftwoman, gardener and dance lover.

I live nested amongst the mountains of the Yarra Valley on Wurundjeri land with my husband and my 2 sons.


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