Mushroom Cacao Latte with Reishi and Rose




Reishi is known to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, increase better sleep, promote the body-mind-spirit connection, and emotional balance. Enjoy a sense of calm wellbeing and focussed energy. This healthy Reishi mushroom hot chocolate is perfect to reduce stress, calm the mind, open the heart and give you an energy lift.

I have been lucky to be introduced to medicinal mushrooms and worked for Teelixir, creator of amazing medicinal mushrooms latte blends. It is part of my routine now to enjoy medicinal mushroom drinks and I highly recommend it to everyone. Simple, easy, healthy and delicious.

Medicinal mushrooms greatly enhance and stimulate the immune system providing overall protection for the entire body. They are packed full of health benefits: potent anti-inflammatory effects, boost energy, reduce stress, elevate mood, support brain health etc.

Ingredients: Cacao, Reishi, Rose

All ingredients are certified organic

100g Unit