About Me

I am Emilie. I am a mother, birthkeeper, early childhood educator, transpersonal art therapist, shamanic craftwoman, gardener and dance lover.

I live nested amongst the mountains of the Yarra Valley on Wurundjeri land with my husband and my 2 sons. I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people (traditional custodians of this land) and their wisdom, and pay respect to their leaders and elders past, present and emerging. I also acknowledge the love and strength of my mother and father and of my lineage and ancestry.

How I Can Help You

I believe in a world in which all women are aligned with their feminine wisdom so as they are free, creative and joyful.

I provide education, mentorship, art therapy, workshops and services that reconnect women to their truth, creative expression, innate power and wisdom. As a consequence, women develop the art of self advocacy.

Being able to advocate for yourself is from my experience - a true freedom.
My works focuses on the importance of your internal world :
I will guide you to find your sacred neutral space where peace and wise insights reside.
No matter what’s going on the external world you are feeling strong and in charge of your path.

I was very lucky to be born and to have spent the first 25 years of my life in France in the beautiful Alps. I spent lots of time in nature and the mountains gifted me an incredible inner strength. I still carry this precious gift within me.

My personal journey really deepened as I walked through the path of motherhood. I gave birth to 4 babies. Each birth impacted me profoundly and transformed me. I learnt from my first birth to stand up for my rights, while facing a complex scenario of birth, to be with the unknown, to release and open. The following 2 pregnancies ended early with 2 miscarriages. I felt devastated. Those 2 births taught me a lot about myself, my worthiness and my values.


I learnt to accept death, to accept life the way it is, to be humble, to surrender and surrender even more. My fourth baby was born at home with my husband, my son and my friend. I had chosen a freebirth. I received the gift of trust. I learnt to be free, to choose and take entire responsibility for my birth and life choices.

My interest in and passion for understanding the birthing process and its power with transformation continuously grows in me and I feel a deep call and responsibility to share what I know with others.

I also have the privilege to be able to share my services in two languages: in English or French.

My Prayer

I honour and acknowledge the land and spirits of the land where I live
and their traditional caretakers the Wurundjeri people.

I honor my mother and father, my lineage and ancestry,
All my teachers, wisdom keepers and influences that have crossed my path.

I call the grandmothers,
the grandfathers supporting the grandmothers,
the divine feminine,
the inner knowing within each of us.

I call the ancient goddesses,
to hold us, protect us, nurture us and guide us.

I call the future generations,
the great great great grand children
To show us the way to bring the change the earth needs now.

May we all live gently in awareness of each-other,
May we all feel our strong spirit,
And act and share from a place of heart centeredness, peace and joy!



Working with me

As an art therapist and shamanic craftwoman,
I create a sacred space to assist your inner knowing and confidence to flourish.

I work:

  • with pregnant women who are willing to undertake the inner work of pregnancy
  • with women who have experienced birth trauma or loss
  • with women on a journey to reclaim their power and wisdom

I help women to be grounded, confident and resilient.

I work with your intention and have a ‘person centred’ approach which focuses on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This approach is dynamic, requiring your active participation.

I encourage you to access your wisdom via many tools such as journaling, drawing, dreams, dance, meditation, intuition, connection with Nature, connection with the Goddesses, archetypes, animal allies and guides, ceremonies and the medicine drum.


This podcast aligns with the beautiful nature of birth and transformation. Listen to Emilie as she shares interesting lessons about what comes up for her during her birth experiences.

To support a customized emotional and sacred approach of birth and pregnancy.

Birth sets the foundations of love, attachment and trust for life.

Be fully aware of your fears and how they impact the choices you are making, and release them. Clear the way to allow and welcome TRUST in the birthing process.

There is spirit and sacredness in birth. This is true for every birth (this includes miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, difficult or traumatic birth experience).

Birth is a peak experience that touches you and transforms you. Let’s take the time to honor that process.

Here are some of the more common questions I get, please have a look.