Connect with your baby

A 2 hour session : face to face or video call.

This session is suitable for women:

  • Who want to conceive
  • Who are pregnant
  • Who experienced a baby loss

In this session we can use birth art techniques, movement and dance or Shamanic drumming.

Shamanic drumming or drumming meditation is an ancient practice that helps to alter your state of consciousness so you can dive deeper into yourself and access guidance and inner wisdom.

Each techniques can allow a deep connection and reception of messages from your baby.

Investment: 1x2hour, $140

Connect with your Birth Power Animal

A 2 hour session (face to face only).

This session is suitable for the mother at any stage of pregnancy.

  • Using shamanic drumming to guide you to connect with your Birth Power Animal.
  • A Birth Power Animal holds special gifts and wisdom for you and your baby. It can help you to embody its unique qualities into yourself during the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
  • Your Birth Power Animal can become a very strong ally in your motherhood journey.

Investment: 1x 2hour, $140

Release fears in pregnancy

Be fully aware of your fears and how they impact the choices you are making, and release them. Clear the way to allow and welcome TRUST in the birthing process.

In these 2 one-on-one sessions, you have the opportunity to:

  • Ground yourself.
  • Release fears and concerns about the journey of pregnancy, birth, motherhood.
  • Move, dance, journal.
  • Express your birth vision and deepen your connection with your baby.

This package includes:

  • 2x 2 hour Zoom session or face to face session (or 1x 4 hours session face to face)
  • Naming and knowing your fears and concerns
  • A releasing fear ceremony
  • Detailed email content for you to prepare
  • Follow up email after each session

Online session or face to face session for pregnant women

Investment for 2 x 2 hour session, $250

Pathways of Birth

To support a customized emotional and sacred approach of birth and pregnancy.

Birth sets the foundations of love, attachment and trust for life.

  • Awaken your power of transformation.
  • Free yourself of fears, know yourself.
  • Deepen your connection with your baby.
  • Strengthen trust and confidence in yourself and the birth process.
  • Honour the rite of passage of motherhood.
  • Feel the genuine care carried through your pregnancy, the birthing process and the postpartum time.
  • Address underlying emotions and concerns (non medical related).

This package includes :

  • 6 (75min) prenatal zoom sessions (or in person when possible) to prepare for birth.
  • 3 (75min) postnatal zoom sessions (or in person when possible) to integrate the birthing journey and support you in your new role (birth debrief, assisting with emergence of new needs, talking through what’s arising, etc.)
  • Detailed emails, articles, references.

You can also access a free general resource now: 7 keys for birth.

A total of 9 sessions during pregnancy and after birth.

Investment for 9 x 90 min sessions : $990

** Please note, this package does not include being present for the birth. If you would like my services during the birth we will need to discuss further.


There is spirit and sacredness in birth. This is true for every birth (this includes miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, difficult or traumatic birth experience).

Birth is a peak experience that touches you and transforms you. Let’s take the time to honor that process.

This package aims to:

  • Bring meaning to your story.
  • Release what no longer serves.
  • Connect with your baby.
  • Support you to find the gold in the dark.
  • Support you to integrate the journey and feel at peace.
  • Support you in engaging and creating your own ceremony.

One-on-one 4 sessions after birth trauma/loss

Investment for 4 sessions (4x90min): $490


To empower women to know and flow with the wisdom of the cycles

Free download: Know your cycles.

Womb Journeys

It is essential as a woman to take regular time to focus on and listen to the womb.

By letting the outside influences fall away you are able to clear, heal and hear the sacred whispers.

Your womb space holds keys and wisdom to foster your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The way of the womb is intuitive.

Womb Journey sessions will help you to access and trust your intuition.

A session can include:

  • Grounding and heart opening meditation
  • Movement and Womb awareness practices
  • Medicine drum journey
  • Journaling/creative time to draw on your intuitive flow.


Investment for a 1.5 hour session: $75

Online New moon circle

From the beginning of time humans have been fascinated by the moon and have established moon rituals.

Remembering our connection with the moon, is remembering our connection with our body, our womb, our menstrual cycle, as well as our power to create, let go and heal ourselves.

By reclaiming your relationship with the lunar cycle, you are reclaiming the way of the feminine in your life.

This online circle includes:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Creative Moon Ritual
  • Moving/Dancing to feel into what is emerging from within
  • Journaling/drawing/creative time
  • Sharing and reflecting upon some moon wisdom questions

2022 Online New Moon circles dates

Investment for a 1.5 hours circle: $25

Also you can check out:

Women and the Moon ecourse


Soul Care

Soul care addresses what truly matters to your heart. During a time of deep change or challenge, you are often presented with an “extraordinary” opportunity to access your soul and spirit. Ceremonies are a way to honour and engage with that process.


A ceremony is performed on a special occasion. A ceremony often involves a deep commitment, acknowledges a deep change or a celebration.

Honoring women rites of passage: A rite of passage marks the transition from one phase of life to another.

"As a woman journeys through her life, she encounters many shamanic journeys. These are the opportunities for transformation and development of her being." - Jane Hardwicke Collings


Blessing the mother

A beautiful heartfelt ceremony to celebrate and honour the rite of passage of motherhood.

  • This is an intimate ceremony inspired by the traditions of an ancient Navajo ceremony called a Blessing Way.
  • As Westerners, we know very little about this tradition. We are humbled that we now remember the importance of honouring and celebrating the mother to be.
  • The mother usually chooses her closest circle of women to mark her rite of passage that is becoming a mother.
  • A mother’s blessing is meant to inspire, encourage and fill the expectant mother with love and trust before she gives birth to her baby (about 1 month before).
  • It aims to prepare the mother for her upcoming birth physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • A mother’s blessing also offers an opportunity for the group to connect deeply with each other, to remember belonging to community and to remember the red thread connecting us with all the mothers who have gone before us.

This package includes:

  • 1 zoom session for preparation (map out the plan and intention, email communication to confirm the details).
  • email sent out to all the guests to explain the preparation and what to expect.
  • a 2 hour circle facilitation.

Investment: $330

Ceremony for change

Creating a soulful ceremony for any significant life change.

  • Crossing a threshold where life can’t return to what it was before the event.
  • Being held and heard.
  • Gain perspective.
  • Connect with trust.
  • Accept the change.
  • Move forward.
  • New hope and meaning.

This package includes:

  • 3 sessions (zoom or face to face) for mapping your needs and preparing for the ceremony.
  • Emails, resources, confirming details for ceremony.
  • 1 debrief session (zoom or face to face) after the ceremony.

Investment $490 (include 4 sessions)

Medicine Drum

"From our very origins, each human gestates to the pulse of our mother's heartbeat rhythms for nine months as we prepare for our birth, it's one reason many humans resonate so strongly to the flowing beats and soothing pulse of a drum." -Quote from Sacred Drumming

Layne Redmond shares that women were once the predominant players of drums and they were commonly used as allies in childbirth, rites of passage and other ceremonies.

Shamanic drum journey

Shamanic drumming or drumming meditation is an ancient practice that helps to alter your state of consciousness so you can dive deeper into yourself and access guidance and inner wisdom. It is a conduct to allow your soul to speak and be heard.

What happens during a drum journey?

  • As we listen to the beating of the drum, our brain shifts from a normal state of consciousness (Beta State) into a meditative or daydreaming state (Alpha State), and ultimately a deep hypnotic or REM dreaming state (Theta State).
  • The transmission of rhythmic vibration also assists in the synchronization of the brain’s two cerebral hemispheres. When the logical left hemisphere and the intuitive right hemisphere begin to pulsate in harmony, our intuitive knowing and creative vision can flow easily into conscious awareness without being pre-filtered by the logical mind.
  • Thus, our ability to access, interpret and integrate symbols, imagery, messages and other unconscious information is immensely heightened.

In a shamanic journey you can journey to:

  • The lower realm (to meet with the spirits of animals, including your Power Animal).
  • The upper realm (to meet with your guides and teachers, archetypes, Gods and Goddesses)
  • The middle realm (to connect with element of Nature, your body, your baby)

Investment: 1x2hours $140 (for a single), $180 (for a couple)

Drum medicine workshop

When you make a medicine drum you enter into a shamanic process of personal healing. The drum is a sacred tool, an instrument of music, an intimate partner in the soul’s journey, woven through time with women’s spirituality.

Book in for August Medicine Drum making workshop: $490

Mix workshop - open for men and women.

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th August 2022

Yarra Valley - Seville


Book in for October Medicine Drum making workshop: $490

For girls - young women (under 18)

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2022

Yarra Valley - East Warburton


Book in November Drum making workshop: $420

Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of November 2022

Melbourne - Carnegie

Our approach to drum making is drawn from the school of shamanic womancraft way. We hold the belief that the process you undergo as you make your drum is reflective of your own birth story, the births of your children (if you have any), your creativity, your relationships. This can offer you such compassion and insight into yourself.

I co-facilitate the November drum making workshop with Sarah Miller.