Medicine Drum

"From our very origins, each human gestates to the pulse of our mother's heartbeat rhythms for nine months as we prepare for our birth, it's one reason many humans resonate so strongly to the flowing beats and soothing pulse of a drum." -Quote from Sacred Drumming

Layne Redmond shares that women were once the predominant players of drums and they were commonly used as allies in childbirth, rites of passage and other ceremonies.

Shamanic drum journey

Shamanic drumming or drumming meditation is an ancient practice that helps to alter your state of consciousness so you can dive deeper into yourself and access guidance and inner wisdom. It is a conduct to allow your soul to speak and be heard.

What happens during a drum journey?

  • As we listen to the beating of the drum, our brain shifts from a normal state of consciousness (Beta State) into a meditative or daydreaming state (Alpha State), and ultimately a deep hypnotic or REM dreaming state (Theta State).
  • The transmission of rhythmic vibration also assists in the synchronization of the brain’s two cerebral hemispheres. When the logical left hemisphere and the intuitive right hemisphere begin to pulsate in harmony, our intuitive knowing and creative vision can flow easily into conscious awareness without being pre-filtered by the logical mind.
  • Thus, our ability to access, interpret and integrate symbols, imagery, messages and other unconscious information is immensely heightened.

In a shamanic journey you can journey to:

  • The lower realm (to meet with the spirits of animals, including your Power Animal).
  • The upper realm (to meet with your guides and teachers, archetypes, Gods and Goddesses)
  • The middle realm (to connect with element of Nature, your body, your baby)

Investment: 1x2hours $140 (for a single), $180 (for a couple)

Drum medicine workshop

When you make a medicine drum you enter into a shamanic process of personal healing. The drum is a sacred tool, an instrument of music, an intimate partner in the soul’s journey, woven through time with women’s spirituality.

Book in for April 2023 Medicine Drum making workshop: $520

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2023

Yarra Valley - East Warburton


I co-facilitate the April drum making workshop with Sarah Miller.