Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Birthkeeper?

“Listening to our babies and changing the world, one birth at a time”.

The term “birthkeeper” was created by Jeannine Parvati Baker and refers to a woman who not only supports a mother during pregnancy, the birth and the time afterwards but even more so, encourages women to know their rights, empower themselves with knowledge to ensure that you as women are claiming your responsibility and welcoming babies as gently and powerfully into the world as possible.

A birthkeeper holds space, gently guides, shares knowledge, encourages you to step into your power and the well of ancient wisdom to prepare you for birth and integrate the spiritual experience of each birthing journey.

A birth keeper encourages you to have full autonomy with every choice you make. This process enables you to find your voice and to feel more connected and at peace with your own birth choices.

What is a Shamanic Womancraft?

‘Shamanic Womancraft is the art of facilitating transformation.’

The shamanic craftswoman guides you through the richness of life events and processes you experience as a woman: menstruation, pregnancy, birth, mothering and menopause. She helps you to see the relevance of what is happening and arising for you. She helps you to notice patterns, beliefs, lessons and gifts.

Her role is to hold a sacred space for you to find your own answers and wisdom.

She also raises awareness of the importance of ceremonies and rituals to honour the wisdom of the cycles.

What is Transpersonal Art Therapy?

Transpersonal Art Therapy is based on the Shamanic model and uses the client centred approach where the therapist’s role is to create a facilitative, empathic environment where you can discover the answers for yourself.

Transpersonal art therapy acknowledges art, dance, creativity, dreams and symbols as the language of the soul bringing to the surface your  innermost thoughts, emotions, feelings and wisdom. It merges psychology, creativity and spirituality. It promotes greater self-awareness, healing and strength.

What is unique about my services?

I blend shamanic womancraft, transpersonal art therapy and the work of birthkeeper. I create and hold a sacred space to assist your inner knowing and allow your confidence to flourish.

I work with your intention and have a “person centred’ approach which focuses on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This approach is dynamic, requiring your active participation. I encourage you to access your wisdom via many tools such as journaling, drawing, dreams, dance, meditation, intuition, connection with Nature, connection with the Goddesses, archetypes, animal allies, ceremonies and the medicine drum.

How do online sessions work?

An online session works very much in the same way as to face to face. My online sessions are currently being facilitated on Zoom, which is a very easy-to-use video conferencing platform. I never would have imagined it, and hadn’t even considered moving the work that I do online prior to COVID… but it works and it opens up more possibilities! The online session feels intentional, personal and sacred. For most of the sessions I will ask you to be prepared and make sure you have with you a few items such as a candle, matches, a journal etc…

How do I book in a session?

Simply select the package or session you are interested in and fill in the form. I will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm the date and time of our first appointment. Payment needs to be made in full before the session. Payment plans are available.

If you’d like, you can book in a 20 minutes meet and greet session for $20 to see if we would be a good match working together.

What is a 20 minutes meet and greet session?

I have put in place a short 20 minutes meet and greet session to give you the chance to meet me and see if we would be a good match working together.

It can help you decide and clarify your intention and the most appropriate package for it.

What is recovery from birth?

Birthing a baby is a very opening and expanding experience on all levels: physiological, emotional and spiritual. No matter what your story of birth is, vaginal birth, waterbirth, c-section birth, traumatic birth, early pregnancy loss birth, abortion birth etc… every mother needs time and space to recover and integrate her birth stories. Depending on how the birth experience was experienced and felt from within and how the mother was held and supported at the time, the recovery can last from a few weeks to months even years. It tends to take the longest when intense emotions, feelings and thoughts have previously had nowhere to go to be heard and expressed. A mother needs her pain and grief validated. Birth recovery is an important part of the birth process. It helps to bring a sense of completion, acknowledgment and value to the story. The mother is then ready to take the next step and move forward on her life journey with peace in her heart.

What is the wisdom of the cycles?

You are part of nature, and nature is part of you.

The wisdom of the cycles is a reminder that as human beings we are part of cycles within cycles. For instance, the moon cycle echoes the menstrual cycle as well as the diurnal cycle, the seasonal cycle, the life stage cycle, the plant cycle, the universal cycle of transformation…

Being conscious of these cycles reminds you to work with this nourishing expansion and contraction of energy, embracing the significant opportunities for health and wholeness that come with each phase. You can use this wisdom to align your life, choices, and actions for your well-being. This is the ancient feminine way.

What is a ritual?

A ritual refers to a regular or repeated symbolic practice set with an intention. It helps to bring focus, meaning and value.

What is a moon circle?

A moon circle is a ritual practice where you take time to connect with yourself and align with the energy of the moon. The new moon circle is an opportunity to set intentions and become clear on what you are calling in and will focus on for the next lunar phase. My online new moon circle includes movement and dance and some journaling time.

What is a ceremony?

A ceremony is performed on a special occasion. A ceremony often involves a deep commitment, acknowledges a deep change or a celebration.

On a brain level, ceremonies provide a sacred platform for neuroplasticity to occur. With a clear and concise commitment that there is a neural pathway in the brain that needs to change, ceremonies allow new neural pathways to form in the brain that are healthier and serve as motivational forces.

What is a shamanic drum journey?

A shamanic drum journey is like a deep meditation. The vibration of the drum permeates your body. It is a body experience. Shamanic drumming is an ancient practice that helps you to alter your state of consciousness so that you can dive deeper into yourself to access guidance, new perspectives and inner wisdom.

What is a medicine drum?

The medicine drum is a shamanic tool that has been used for healing and transformation since ancient times.

We can find its origins in medicine and ritual practices from almost all cultures on the planet. According to Layne Redmond, author of “When the Drummers were Women”, women were the first drummers with these kind of drums. When Rome adopted Christianity around 200AD, it was made an act of heresy to play the frame drum. Consequently, the women were banned from playing the drums.

Women are hearing the call again of the drum today, and more and more are returning and wanting to make their own medicine drums.

How can I make my own medicine drum?

Simply book in for the next drum making workshop or email with your expression of interest.

What material do we use for the medicine drum workshop?

We use mainly use Kangaroo skins for our drum making workshop. A drum can be made from any type of animal skin and will hold, carry, and represent the ‘medicine’ of that animal. The frame of the drum is made from hoop pine.