Womb wisdom and Cycles

To empower women to know and flow with the wisdom of the womb and the cycles

Womb Journeys

It is essential as a woman to take regular time to focus on and listen to the womb.

By letting the outside influences fall away you are able to clear, heal and hear the sacred whispers.

Your womb space holds keys and wisdom to foster your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The way of the womb is intuitive.

Womb Journey sessions will help you to access and trust your intuition.

Here is also a free gift for you for your womb care: download now your free Womb Steam Guide (1)

A session can include:

  • Grounding and heart opening meditation.
  • Movement and Womb awareness practices.
  • Womb ceremony.
  • Medicine drum journey.
  • Journaling/creative time to draw on your intuitive flow.

Investment for a 1.5 hour session: $130

Women and the Moon ecourse

From the beginning of time humans have been fascinated by the moon and have established moon rituals.

Remembering our connection with the moon, is remembering our connection with our body, our womb, our menstrual cycle, as well as our power to create, let go and heal ourselves.

By reclaiming your relationship with the lunar cycle, you are reclaiming the way of the feminine in your life.

This Women and the Moon ecourse includes:

  • In depth knowledge of the moon cycle and moon energies.
  • "What to do" invitations for each moon phase.
  • Creative Moon Rituals.
  • Music/recipes to attune with the moon energies.
  • Journaling/drawing/creative time.
  • Moon wisdom questions.
  • Pdf guides to print for your own convenience.

Investment for Women and the Moon ecourse : $77

Women and the Moon ecourse

Also here is a basic wisdom of the cycles summary: Know your cycle