This ritual is inspired and adapted from the book “Rituel de femmes, pour réenchanter la maternité” by Isabelle Chalut.

You’d like someone to drum for you in a slow rhythm, following a slow heartbeat.
You are in a place of Nature that you like, where you can feel your connection with the earth, the wind, the sun, the water.

Prepare one candle, one flower, one bowl with water, essential oil (cedar)

Stand barefoot in front of the altar, you can kneel down, light the candle, call in the ancient birthing goddesses.
You can put a drop of essential under your feet.
Scoop your hand in the bowl of water and invoke the presence of the woman who is the source of life and wisdom.
You can offer your flower to her.
You can sit down, close your eyes, focus on the drum beat.

Take a moment to feel your breath, with each breath connecting you to Earth mother and the sky.
You can inhale in your heart, and exhale down to the earth mother.
Then inhale the energy from the cosmos, from the sky, and down to the earth.
Use your breath and imagination to visualize the flow of energy pouring through you between sky and Earth.
Let it flow for a few minutes.

Now you can find your way up, stand and feel the energy of the earth moving through your legs, illuminating your womb energy.
Pay attention to the sensation in your body.
What do you feel and where?
Put your hands in a place in your body that calls your attention.
Breath through your hand, and make a sound.
What symbol comes to you?
What messages come to you?

Now bring your attention to your feet.
Remember the essential oil under your feet.
It is helping you to connect with the earth.
What do you feel under your feet?
Is the contact with the earth pleasurable?

You can start moving or walking slowly. With each step, each move you notice the felt sense in your body.
You can hear the drumbeat, it connects you to the earth and to your sacred self.
How this experience of slow motion is for you?

Within your body, you are connected with all birthing women, with the mothers who have gone before you, with the birthing goddesses who have protected and guided women since dawn of time.
Recognize the beauty of women, the power of women.
Can you feel this force inside of you?
Can you welcome the beauty and power in you?

What are the sensations in your belly?

Let your body do what it needs to do.

It is now time to come to stillness.

You can take your journal and do a drawing of your experience.
What colors, what symbols, what patterns, or what words are arising?

How are you feeling now in your pregnant body?
What do you notice?
Any last message from your baby arising now for you?

You can blow the candle, and give thanks for the sacredness of your experience.