How can you incorporate the wonder of the Moon into your life?


From the beginning of time humans have been fascinated by the moon.

Remembering our connection with the moon, is remembering our connection with our body, our womb, our menstrual cycle, as well as our power to create, let go and heal ourselves.

By reclaiming your relationship with the lunar cycle, you are reclaiming the way of the feminine in your life.


These online circles are aiming to help you to create your own moon rituals through the lunar cycle to develop and strengthen your relationship with the moon.

You will experience some simple grounding techniques and creative moon rituals with an opportunity to share and reflect upon some moon wisdom questions.

When you book in, I will send you an email with some details and preparation.

After each circles there will be some follow up emails to check in how you are traveling with your lunar intentions with an open space to share your insights, struggles, success etc…


2022 Online New Moon Circle:

Tuesday 1st of February (7-8.30pm)

Thursday 3rd of March (7-8.30pm)

Friday 1st of April (7-8.30pm)

Sunday 1st of May (7-8.30pm)

Monday 30th of May (7-8.30pm)????

Wednesday 29th of June (7-8.30pm)

Friday 29th of July (7-8.30pm)

Saturday 27th of August (7-8.30pm)

Monday 26th of September (7-8.30pm)

Tuesday 25th of October (7-8.30pm)

Thursday 24th of November (7-8.30pm)



moon women dance