Traditionally a ceremony is performed on a special occasion. A ceremony often involves a deep commitment, acknowledges a deep change or a celebration.

On a brain level, ceremonies provide a sacred platform for neuroplasticity to occur. With a clear and concise commitment, enacting a ceremony can allow new neural pathways to form in the brain that are healthier and serve a greater motivational force.

Ceremonies are very ancient practices cross cultures around the world and helped for thousands of years both the individual and culture to create meaning and purpose.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and therefore we are walking symbolically the path of the “hero’s” journey.

So at times in your life, you are call to descend to the underworld, to step to the unknown, to cross a threshold where you live behind the familiar, where you are tested, where you face yourselves in the most intimate way, where your deep believes are revealed. This phase is often called the dark night of the soul. Stillness is required. Now you can hear the whispers of spirit. You breath in and out, and with each breath you can be with and feel the “in between” space. It is in that space that you can grow, recreate yourselves, start fresh with new insights and return with new wisdom, clarity, understanding, commitment to share with your community. A fulfilling journey is when you return with something meaningful you can share with others.

A ceremony can help the process of integration and celebration of the return.

So how can you craft a ceremony?

To be simple, the general recipe is to highlight 3 phases or 3 circles:

  • Your story
  • The acknoledgment and release of the dark night of the soul
  • The birth of the new self/ the return.

A ceremony for change can help you to acknowledge your story, be authentic, let go of what no longer serves and birth the new you with a new knowing and purpose.

The main thing to remember while crafting a ceremony is the question “What is your intent?” as your intent is your power.

If you feel call to craft a ceremony for yourself and you need any type of assistance with it, I am here to guide you, hold you and walk side by side with you.